Tuesday, March 17, 2015


It's been a long time coming with moves, children and just life...It can sometimes get so crazy you forget to take the time for yourself and just play.  So fast forward, 3 years later and here I am again back on my little blog...

Ready to play.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Here we are...almost seven years later, after two moves and having two children, I have decided to get back online and start blogging again. 

Our life has definitely been an adventure.  I started this blog YEARS ago (yes a looong time) due to our international move to the South of France from Canada.  I felt like it was a great way to document our life abroad to family and friends. I then decided to start a business on Etsy, where I started creating and selling handmade goodies, most made from things I had bought in the French brocantes (markets).  After a fairly successful online business and finding out we were having a baby, it was time to move again, this time to Switzerland. 

Switzerland also an amazing experience.  Living in the vineyards in an old Swiss village - Perroy with a walk to the patisserie (pastry shop), boulangerie (bakery) and local caves (many, many wineries) Also met some great friends there.  Strong amazing women whom I miss terribly, par for the course when you are an expat.

Now fast forward three years later, pregnant with our second baby, we moved to the U.S.

And so here we are!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Binkies, Bibs and Wipes oh my...

Well we are counting down the days until the big arrival...this seems to be the longest month EVER! But it does give me some time to finish up last minute projects for the shop.
I have been busy in baby mode making bibs, diaper carriers and binkie holders for the shop. My goal is to have enough stock for Christmas so that when the little one arrives all that I need to do is mailing.
All of these little treats are available at my etsy store, and the great thing is if they don't sell I can use them for my own little bundle of joy!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Little Baby Binky Holders

It is becoming a little difficult to reach the sewing machine with this belly full of baby, but I still have the need to be creative. So...
I made these little Binky Clips from some Japanese ribbon and cute little buttons. There are circus themes, chick & eggs and strawberry & birds.
These are perfect to clip to bibs or blankies so that you don't lose your baby's pacifier. These can be found at my etsy store. A perfect little stocking stuffer for a momma-to-be. Come wrapped and ready to go!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Le Petit Artiste

Finally Finished!

I have been playing around with this patter for a while now and I finially just sat my butt down to finish it.

This little artist tote is made from linen and cotton. It opens up so you can store both colouring books and pencils/markers. The pencil/marker area is made has matching colour co-ordinated slots for each coloured pencil/marker.

I think this is perfect for any petit Picasso.

It's now available for purchase in my etsy shop.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

More Creations for the Bebe

Well, the room is almost finished. Just a couple more things to hang and of course a baby to give birth to.

This little quilt/storage wall hanging I made a while ago, I was just waiting for the right time to use it and well...here it is. Each pocket has a letter of the alphabet, and I used a wooden large safety pin to hang it to the wall.

This hand-painted wooden mobile I bought off of Ebay for $11. It inspired me to make a circus theme baby quilt which you can see in the background.Here id our little change table where I am sure many diapers will be changed. The decals on the wall I bought from the dollar store. The great thing about these decals is that they are removable and will not damage the wall. The flower lamp and table itself are both from Ikea, and the great thing is you can take off the change table part and it becomes a dresser.

In this little corner we have some other baby goodies. The crochet doll made by my mother for me as a baby (33 years ago...eeks), her neck is a little weak. I think she is staring to show her age and may need a face lift.
This foam book was made by my sister and her boyfriend. It is all foam and has velcro moving parts. Inside are all the nursery rhymes and songs we used to sing as kids. There is also a CD which comes with the book that you play along with while reading the book. There is a little chime which tells you when to turn the page. I absolutely love it!
So you can see we have been busy, although as I have been told I will not know the meaning of busy until our little bundle of joy has arrived.

We Can't Wait! 2 more months and counting!

Sunday, September 07, 2008

The Nesting Has Begun!

Well, the countdown continues...

As we start to wrap our heads around the fact that we will be joined by a little girl, the nesting has begun.


I decided to make this little container to hold all the q-tips, cotton balls, and cotton swabs. I actually bought this inexpensive little wooden box from Ikea and was going to use it to hold needles and pins in the sewing room, but I changed my mind.


I used some scrapbooking paper, ribbon and some stickers to create this little holder for our new baby girl's change table (which still needs to be built).

Overall, the room is still a bit of a disaster zone. We finally finished the painting (we had to do it twice...argh!) But as soon as it is all organized, I will post some photos for you all.

I hope the ultrasound is correct and it's still a girl...or we will have one confused little boy all in pink!