Monday, August 20, 2007

Bye Bye for now!

So you are probably wondering "where the heck have you been?"

Well, I had my first big wholesale order (very exciting), so I was busy sewing up a storm.

Actually.... I started sewing up a storm, but after a while my wrists were beginning to hurt. Any suggestions on how to minimize the stress on your wrists would be great. Right now, even as I type, I am actually wearing my rollerblade guards (don't really rollerblade so these are now being put to good use). I feel like the bionic woman (whatever happened to her, perhaps she is sewing up a storm as well...hum?)

Anyways, to finish the job off I kindly asked my husband to help (notice I said "kindly" he's not a big into sewing...but whose husband is?) Well... we finally finished 20 wallets and 6 bags.
Thank Goodness!So you can see they are all packed and ready to go.
These bags can all be found at a new online store called: Three Potato Four which opens up in the fall.

It is perfect timing, since we are leaving this thursday for Thailand. I can't wait to go. I have heard so many amazing things about Thailand and seen some amazing photos. I know...I know...we are leaving during off season which is good (inexpensive) and bad (rain). Although, many people said it only rains for a short period of time and it also depends on where you are stay, east or west side. Fingers crossed- minimal rain.

Soooo, I am signing off "bye bye for now" and will return in 3 weeks time.



beki said...

How exotic - have fun!!

Mahalo said...

You have been very busy, we can see:-)
Very nice!

Enjoy your trip :-)

Jeanne M. Wigoena said...

Wow! You've been very busy.. and holiday sounds fun! Have a great time!
I heard there are a lot of ethnic goods there, hope they can give more ideas..

life in yonder said...

Have a great time in Thailand!