Thursday, March 13, 2008


One final final thought...

Au Revoir!

My Tribute to the South of France

(Our Old Home - Blue and Cream Building above)

Well...this is it. The boxes are stacked, all documents have been filled and we are off to embark on a new adventure. I will definitely miss this place. Although the mediterranean had its frustrating moments, overall this has been one of the most rewarding life changing experiences for my husband and I.

As we move into our new home in Perroy, Switzerland (see photo),
I decided to dedicate this post as a reflection of our French Adventures. I have only included some photos of some of the fantastic moments here in France, but to see more go to our flickr site (see right box).
St. TropezMentonNice
Lavender FieldsGorge du Verdon
Tourettes Sur Loup

So there you have it...stay tuned for the new adventures in Switzerland.
p.s. I am still deciding on the new name for the shop...don't worry I have not forgotten!

Monday, March 10, 2008

C'est Fini

Well, here she is all finished. She is definitely colourful and whimsy and I love her. It was very hard to give her up but I know she was on her way to a good home.
And now I am working on doll number two...all for me!

I will probably have put her on the back burner for a while as we are now in the midst of moving...eeeks!

Still browsing through all the great new names for my store. The contest is coming to a close and one lucky winner will be announced shortly!

Stay tuned...

Friday, March 07, 2008

Almost finished...

Well, my Jackie doll is almost finished. I call her Jackie because that is the name of the lady I am giving it to. Jackie (the real one) has salt and pepper hair, loves to garden, and has a cat named George. I have finally put a face on her and now I am just playing, adding more and more bojangles (bits and pieces, but bojangles sounds better). I am thinking of making another one (for myself) and then using the doll as an example for my etsy store. The premise would be: you send a photo, tell me all about the person and I will customize and doll for her/him or you.

Still thinking about cost though, as it does take quite a while to finish.

On another note, I finished 25 pouches (another custom order) for a lady in the U.K. She wanted these for her female guests at her wedding. I wanted to send them out before we moved. I am so happy to have finished them.

I have also been checking out all the suggestions for a new name. I must say you people are very creative. it is not an easy name to change since "made by hand in the South of France" has a romantic ring to it, but there are some serious contenders in the running.

Keep them coming!!!

Monday, March 03, 2008

A Work in Progress

Every time my mom comes to visit, we create, create and create! We are working on a doll for a friend of mine. She has offered her villa to us while she is away in South Africa. So we thought we would make a doll for her that looks like her. Even big girls love to play with dolls.

More photos to come!