Thursday, March 13, 2008

My Tribute to the South of France

(Our Old Home - Blue and Cream Building above)

Well...this is it. The boxes are stacked, all documents have been filled and we are off to embark on a new adventure. I will definitely miss this place. Although the mediterranean had its frustrating moments, overall this has been one of the most rewarding life changing experiences for my husband and I.

As we move into our new home in Perroy, Switzerland (see photo),
I decided to dedicate this post as a reflection of our French Adventures. I have only included some photos of some of the fantastic moments here in France, but to see more go to our flickr site (see right box).
St. TropezMentonNice
Lavender FieldsGorge du Verdon
Tourettes Sur Loup

So there you have it...stay tuned for the new adventures in Switzerland.
p.s. I am still deciding on the new name for the shop...don't worry I have not forgotten!


Made By Claire said...

Good luck on your new adventure, you will be missed while we are waiting for you.

Maya said...

Congrats...nicely put together! what an experience...a set of memories in a short time of one year and half in France ;-) What about Geneva is for the young and Nice/Vence for the vacationer/part-time living/the retired people? :-P you'll tell me after your move to Geneva...

Maya said...

BTW, it seems like you guys found a nice future home at last in Perroy, Switzerland! Yeah...stone walls and dark green windows, hmmm isn't green so trendy nowadays? ;-P

jilly ballantyne said...

Pity we never met when you lived here! I am looking to move to Vence, as my business (painting holidays in Matisse's former villa) is in Vence. I was wondering if your house in Vence is for sale? I have just seen a village house down the street from your old place.
Please let me know! Bonne Chance en Suisse!