Thursday, November 29, 2007

Bibs and Hangers For Saya

I wanted to make some bibs for Saya (the store), but normally I custom make them with the babies names. Because these bibs will be in a store and the names of the babies I will not know, I thought of another idea....patchwork with French sayings, after all we are in France.

And why stop there...lets add some hangers too!

Voila! Comes in Pink, Blue or White hangers!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Artist Roll Addiction

I just can't stop sewing these little rolls. I get this great satisfaction of seeing all the different colours being sewn together...putting together a little rainbow. I am thinking of expanding my repertoire to crayons and markers...what else can I sew? Paint rolls?This one (above) is reserved for a lady who asked for this particular fabric. She is going to give this to her daughter for Christmas. Thinking about Christmas morning and her daughter opening up her special package (that I made) really gives me the warm and fuzzies. How exciting! So honoured to be a part of that moment!

All of these are available at my shop...and look out for more...

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Cough, Cough...

I must apologize for neglecting you all, as I have been ill with the flu (yes...even here in the South of France you can get a cold). I have decided after a couple of days of doing absolutely nothing that it was time to get up and start sewing. So, with tissue in hand (and nose), I have started to sew again.

I have been frantically sewing for Saya (as you already know) and also have a custom order I am trying to finish before I go back to Canada for the holidays.

It's a custom ordered quilt made from baby clothes. I asked the client to drop off some old baby clothes (t-shirts, dresses, bibs) that I could encorporate into the quilt. A great way to preserve all those special clothes that would normally end up in a box somewhere.

I still have a lot to do as you can see. Some embroidery and applique, but I think it is coming along. Below is a close up of a bib that I cut up and included as a little patch on the quilt.

It's a slow process but I think it will look great when finished...I hope!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Pour un Artiste

Many artists resided here in the South of France. Matisse, Chagall, Picasso and many more...if only they had the pencil crayon roll (okay not very creative name I know).

This pencil crayon roll holds 12 coloured pencils and is made from linen and cotton. I love the outside fabric ...ABCDEFG... you know the rest...
Perfect for any Petit Picasso.

OOOO the colours....if only I could draw...

Friday, November 16, 2007

Pour Le Nez

More and more stuff for the shoppe!

Yesterday for my birthday, I received Yet Another package from superbuzzy (their timing was perfect, how did they know?) So, I decided to make these little tissue holders (yes, even on my birthday I am busy sewing...can you say addiction?)

Each of these little guys are made from linen and cotton and have little holiday bells attached, which you can ring if ever you are sick in bed (let's hope that doesn't happen) and need some chicken soup.

They are all wrapped up and ready to go to Antibes and my etsy store...

Thursday, November 15, 2007

POur les Vetement

(picture a little blurry, I know)

Last month I had this weird addiction to fabric with hanging laundry. Don't know why since doing laundry is my least favourite thing to do, but I love the fabric just the same. I had no idea what I was going to do with this laundry patterned fabric...and then I though why not make something for laundry?

So here is a laundry bag that I made with cotton and linen for loads (...and loads) of laundry. I really love the hanging clothes line print, almost inspires me to do my own laundry (well, okay not really).
And this little bag is made from another clothes line print. It's alot smaller then the Linge bag, so it is perfect for storing all your private personals. I love this bag, especially for traveling. Keeps the undies separate.
All these are going to the Saya (in Antibes) and I will also eventually post these goodies on my etsy store as well (for those of you who can't get to the South of France for some shopping).

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

trois petits arbres

so So SOOOOOO excited, where do I begin?
I have been so busy sewing up a storm for a shop in Antibe, France called Saya. I have been asked to feature many of my creations there by an awesome gal Maya (hi Maya! if your reading).

We have been throwing ideas back and forth on things to sell for the holidayy season...if only my hands could work as fast as my brain...

So, here are a couple of little ornament trees I made from a tablecloth I purchased last year. Never used the table cloth but I really liked the pattern. So we will see how they do in the store.
I have made lots (and lots) of other things, but I will post gradually...just little sneak peaks for you all.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Tea Please

Although we are in the South of France, the weather is also staring to shift to winter season. By winter season I mean 17 degrees celsius but still chilly enough to crave a warm cup of tea to make you feel warm and cozy. But who ever makes the teapot feel warm and cozy?

I do...
Thought this fabric would be perfect for my tea cozy, bought ofcourse from one of my fav. shops superbuzzy.
After making my teapot a tea cozy, I figured let's not make the cups feel neglected. So, here are five little coasters I made from the let over scraps of linen and fabric I had kicking around.

I think it is time for a cup...

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Pay it Forward!!!!

Pay it Forward

I was reading Erleperle's blog today and thought I would join in the fun. What a great idea!!!!

Here are the rules:

1. You leave a comment here on my blog and request to join the Pay It Forward exchange.

2.The first three comments who agree to join will receive a handmade gift from moi (a surprise of course) within 365 days.

3.You return the Pay It Forward by making the same promise on your blog. How fun is that!!!

Monday, November 05, 2007

La Meme Fabric

Since I have recieved many inquiries about this fabric, I decided to make more treats with this pouchette fabric. So, here are a couple of pics of a small little "over the shoulder" mini totes I made with grey linen and embroidery. Each lined with a cotton fabric.

I made two orange embroidery and two pink ones What do you think?
I also had a fair bit of extra linen scraps from all my linen bags, so I decided to make these little change purses. Just the right size for all your little extra change that usually floats on the bottom of your bag.
I know that the theme is not really christmas(y) per say, but I thought butterflies could be appropriate for any time of year. There are green and orange butterflies and the inside is lined with a stripe green fabric.

See etsy shop for details on both products.