Monday, November 05, 2007

La Meme Fabric

Since I have recieved many inquiries about this fabric, I decided to make more treats with this pouchette fabric. So, here are a couple of pics of a small little "over the shoulder" mini totes I made with grey linen and embroidery. Each lined with a cotton fabric.

I made two orange embroidery and two pink ones What do you think?
I also had a fair bit of extra linen scraps from all my linen bags, so I decided to make these little change purses. Just the right size for all your little extra change that usually floats on the bottom of your bag.
I know that the theme is not really christmas(y) per say, but I thought butterflies could be appropriate for any time of year. There are green and orange butterflies and the inside is lined with a stripe green fabric.

See etsy shop for details on both products.

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13mimosa said...

I find it such a treat being led from one blog to another that you love and today I've been led from Life in Yonder to you. I love the bags too - I'll have a look in your shop.