Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Artist Roll Addiction

I just can't stop sewing these little rolls. I get this great satisfaction of seeing all the different colours being sewn together...putting together a little rainbow. I am thinking of expanding my repertoire to crayons and markers...what else can I sew? Paint rolls?This one (above) is reserved for a lady who asked for this particular fabric. She is going to give this to her daughter for Christmas. Thinking about Christmas morning and her daughter opening up her special package (that I made) really gives me the warm and fuzzies. How exciting! So honoured to be a part of that moment!

All of these are available at my shop...and look out for more...

1 comment:

Rachelle Anne Miller said...

Wow I LOVE these! I checked your Etsy store and couldn't find any for sale... will you be selling more of these soon??