Friday, March 07, 2008

Almost finished...

Well, my Jackie doll is almost finished. I call her Jackie because that is the name of the lady I am giving it to. Jackie (the real one) has salt and pepper hair, loves to garden, and has a cat named George. I have finally put a face on her and now I am just playing, adding more and more bojangles (bits and pieces, but bojangles sounds better). I am thinking of making another one (for myself) and then using the doll as an example for my etsy store. The premise would be: you send a photo, tell me all about the person and I will customize and doll for her/him or you.

Still thinking about cost though, as it does take quite a while to finish.

On another note, I finished 25 pouches (another custom order) for a lady in the U.K. She wanted these for her female guests at her wedding. I wanted to send them out before we moved. I am so happy to have finished them.

I have also been checking out all the suggestions for a new name. I must say you people are very creative. it is not an easy name to change since "made by hand in the South of France" has a romantic ring to it, but there are some serious contenders in the running.

Keep them coming!!!


Silvia said...

Hi :)
Niiiiiiiice blog!!!

Kissies :)

laurraine said...

These are gorgeous pouches :o) I didn't see them on Flickr. The stripe in the centre with the french writing, is it fabric or ribbon? I love your tags too!

I hope you have an easy move & unpacking. L

lilirose322 said...

C'est vraiment joli... les créations, le choix des tissus et des couleurs, les rubans, les boutons, la broderie J'AIME TOUT !!! Bravo je reviendrai.