Monday, March 03, 2008

A Work in Progress

Every time my mom comes to visit, we create, create and create! We are working on a doll for a friend of mine. She has offered her villa to us while she is away in South Africa. So we thought we would make a doll for her that looks like her. Even big girls love to play with dolls.

More photos to come!


Pipany said...

What a fab idea Tanya. Lucky friend! xx

Melissa Goodsell said...

I'm really looking forward to seeing the finished project Tanya.
My PIF arrived yesterday in the post and it is just so beautiful. I totally LOVE the black and white fabric that you've used and the tissue holder and purse will be so well loved and used in my bag. Thankyou so so much Tanya!! I'll be sure to post pics on my blog tomorrow of your handmade goodness.

Elizabeth said...

I love your blog, and I have to admit I have been lurking around and not commenting.
I read your other post about having to move from Nice. Sad,but at least you are still in striking distance from France. We lived in Paris for two years and I do miss it a lot. We are from San Francisco, and while I do love my city, France is very special. I love all your work. Mine tends to be hand embroidery, mainly from French patterns that I have gathered over the years. Good luck on the move.

Maya said...

i love your first doll! :-) this can be your signature creation! custom order by character or personality ;-P once you decide the price...i might get one or two or more...:-D

i can see that your mom presence added more to your motivation, creativity, energy etc...i know how it feels to have a creative partner around from time to time ;-) well done project, Tanya!

the receiver of this doll will be so happy! there's no gift more perfect than that...

hmm, i can't think of a name for your business...yet. all suggestions are can always pick some elements that aren't changing so you can keep them forever so-called: French twist, handmade by moi, products with love, carefully selected re-useable materials...etc. hmmm how can you put them all together is the challenge, no?