Friday, February 22, 2008

It's Official!

Well, it is official. We are moving AGAIN...
My husband is being relocated to Geneva (Geneve in French with an accent on the E, but I have a North American keyboard) Switzerland.
We both a mixed emotions about this move, we made a list:

Geneva, Switzerland compared to Nice, France
- everything and everyone is on time in Nice, not so much
- high speed trains perfect for travel in Nice, again not so much
- center of Europe (again perfect for travel) but in Nice beautiful travel throughout provence
-chocolate available in both places which is better Swiss or French...they are both pretty damn good
- alps in Switzerland but the sea in Nice
- very international city while in Nice it is very french
- international food available everywhere in Geneva where as in Nice mostly French food (which I will miss)
- weather in Geneva is not as perfect as it is in Nice (the sun is always shining)

well the list goes on and on...

And then there is the question of the shop name...handmadebymoi in the South of France...not so much anymore, that would be false advertising (even though France is only 10 minutes away)

SOOOO...I need your help...

I am keeping the handmade by moi bit. Geneva is in the French part of Switzerland but I wanted to add a little something underneath, not quite sure what? So I thought, why not make it into a little contest.

Leave a comment/suggestion of a name that would suite and if me likey I will send you a "pour un artiste roll with a couple of other goodies :The contest in closes: March 21, 2008

Bonne Chance!


Jennifer said...

Hi Tanya,

You could call it "handmade by moi, made by hand in the city of peace".
Good luck on the name.


13mimosa said...

Tanya - on returning from holidays a gorgeous gift awaited me. Thank you so much. My 4 year old tried to insist that really they would be much better for her, but they are, for now, safely in my handbag.

I am now determined to move on my own promise shortly - so be sure to let me know your new address.

Made By Claire said...

How about "Handmade By Moi in the Alps"
Just a quick idea that came to me while reading your blog. It will be a shame to see you leave France. My mum lives in Bretagne, and I will be traveling there in a few weeks, God willing!

Made By Claire said...

By the way the link to your new blog isn't working.

Pina said...

What about just simple "Handmade By Moi in Geneve"? I was also thinking about the suggestion which Claire has but then it crossed my mind that we in Slovenia also have Alps which actually stretch over many European countries... Though, it sounds very nice... :)

Tanya said...

some really good ideas are on the way! Thanks for letting me know clare about the new site. I am slowly becoming a techy so I think it will be a while until it actually works.

Will post when it is ready.

Pipany said...

Tanya this is driving me nuts - keep trying to think of names!!! Obviously I need to get a life! What about something like...

Handmade by moi, a little heaven from Geneve


Pipany said...

Or Handmade by moi - sent with love from Geneve?

Deborah said...

How about
Handmade by moi
My French styled creations now made in Switzerland

Tanya said...

loving all the suggestions...keep them coming!

uummeaw said...

I went to Switzerland last year to travel and visit my mom's friend who live in Geneva. I think the name could be "handmade by moi in suisse". I'd learn from the trip that Suisse means Switzerland in French :)

MariaBlackbird said...

Hi Tanya,

your contest really inspired me, so I thought about:
Handmade by moi -
- handmade goods from Lac LĂ©man
- made by hand at the foot of Mont Blanc


Di said...

How about Handmade by Moi in Perfect Time from Switzerland, or Handmade by Moi direct from the Alps, Hamdmade by Moi using Swiss Technology, Swiss Swatches (swatches of colour as opposed to watches) Handmade by Moi.

OK - I am not being very inventive I'm afraid!!

Mello said...

How about "Handmade by moi - french Style - swiss precision"
or "Handmade by moi - french style with a swiss Twist"

Tanya said...

You are all making this difficult to decide on a name...hmmm.

laurraine said...

Handmade by Moi- a little bit of France

laurraine said...

Handmade by Moi- from North of France

laurraine said...

Handmade by Moi - just North of France

life in yonder said...

They say Geneve is a nice city with lots of good design. I am sure you will find lots of inspiration for future projects. Since your husband might be relocated more times my suggestion is:

Handmade my Moi - around the world

Then you will not have to change it everytime you move :-)

Good luck with the move!

laurraine said...

Handmade by Moi - petit french designs

You don't necessarily need to be in France to make french things :o)

Carrie Sue said...

Handmade by Moi ~ Sharing my love for all things made by hand.

Anonymous said...

Nice things from geneva.
Have just discovered your blog via day to day am loving it and adding it to my bloglines!