Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Houses, houses everywhere

A little tote made from recycled jeans and maison fabric. I really do love this fabric and have started sewing a whole ensemble...bag, crayon roll, make-up bag, pencil case...the list goes on and on...

And for something non-related...it's my early spring tissue cover with a petit papillion (butterfly).
Perfect for traveling...esp. when I return back to Toronto...I heard that there is snow there now...EEEKS! I have been spoiled with this South of France sun.


maya said...

love all those little houses too! :-)
will they be at Saya too ;-P
gosh...please don't get sick for the holiday ok? 9hrs sewing-day? ok now..you've been sewing a little too much ;-)
see you tomorrow...
take your tea/coffee break now

Corinne said...

Very lovely pouches ! And original fabrics.

beth said...