Friday, February 01, 2008

Video for Mom

I completely forgot about this video my sisters and I made for my mom's 60th Birthday. I got stuck wearing the wrestlers mask (have to see the video to understand). My mom use to sing this song to us when we were kids, so we just changed the lyrics a little and played it at her 60th birthday in October.

It was great fun to make, especially hanging out with my 2 sisters. Since i have moved to France we don't see a lot of each other, but when we do you can see we get really silly.

Everyone should have sisters to get silly with.


Maya said...

hey tanya,
like you showed me before at the guys are silly but creative! :-)
btw, am leaving on feb. 17th to the u.s., wanna do lunch together in your town this time??? ;-) i can come over late morning or something...and eat thai food for lunch (r they open for lunch?). otherwise, we're still busy to prepare everything we leave behind while we'll be gone and to plan our stay in california. am loving's exciting! as you can see already...

just let me know, if not...we'll take it after march 20th ok?

take care and hope to see you soon.

Maya said...

got ur msg :-) thanks for your comment there. yes, you tell me which day suits you avail. tue., wed. or fri. mornings, and i can drive over to's been awhile ;-) i'll wait for your answer and let's do lunch if you're not too tired from the back and forth lately...c u soon.