Monday, July 30, 2007

Weekend Shopping!!!!!

This weekend I went on a little shopping spree.

On Saturday, I visited the local fabric shop and bought, bought, bought. Now I really have to sew, sew, sew to make some of that dough back. I absolutely love the linen. The muted colours are just waiting for some punch of colour.

So yummy!
Sunday, Marko and I went to the Vide Greniers (empty attic a garage sale, but way better) in Bar sur Loup, a little french village just went of where we live. Marko found this wonderful scale for me, just 8 he likes to say..."deal!"

I love this new toy. The bright yellow base and metal bowl is very 1950' vintage.

Like a kid, after opening birthday presents, I played with this toy all night long, weighing everything from our dinner to the produce in our fridge.


cristina said...

beautiful linens + that scale is to die for!

i did the same thing when we bought our mail scale...everything HAD to be weighed...:)

Di said...

The fabric is just beautiful - can't wait to see what you make!! the scales are amazing - I love the bright yellow - enough to cheer up even the most cloudy day!

Meg said...

Oooo la la, those linens are a dream. Being an obsessive embroiderer I believe I love linen best of all fabrics. Nice

Sheree said...

Great fabrics! And I WANT that scale, but in RED!! :)