Monday, September 24, 2007

New Baby Jade

Another custom order! Yipee!

This is an order for a new baby (soon to be welcomed into the world): Jade.
I made two linen bibs with her name embroidered (must admit I used the machine for the names) and added velcro for fastening with pink and blue flowered backing for each.

For the towel (which is store bought), I added a stripe of patchwork along the bottom and of course her name as well.
Hope she likies!

And oh yes...I haven't forgot about the wallet tutorial I promised. It will probably come mid-oct. since I am off again (to Toronto this time) for two and a half weeks. Excited to visit family and friends, but I will definitely miss my Matilda (my sewing machine), and of course Marko (my husband) and Ms. Polly-Anna Pockets.

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Brikebrok said...

Lovely things in your blog !