Friday, September 21, 2007

POur RoOney

A friend of mine has asked for a doggie mat for her pooch Rooney. She loves the colour green and so I thought this was the perfect mat for her adorable wrinkled-up shar-pei. This will help with all the doggie food bits left on the floor.

I think my pooch Ms. Polly-Anna Pockets needs one with her name on it project!Ms. Polly-Anna Pockets


Mette said...

Wlcome home, Tanya. It seems as you have had a great time! Of course Ms. Polly-Anna needs a doggie mat too! ;-) Mette

life in yonder said...

She's back & she's crafting!

Tanya said...

and happy to be doing both :)!

Anonymous said...

YES! Rooney is going to be such a society girl once she starts dining on her very own Handmade-by-moi original! Miss Polly looks like she got a delicious little hair cut, too cute!

see you soon!