Friday, October 19, 2007

J'habite en France

Well I have returned back to the Riviera and with soooo much to do.

They have started to put up the Christmas lights here in Vence...Wow christmas already?
Time to start sewing some stockings and other Christmas goodies.

I am attempting to put together a new website, where you can shop directly from the site. And let me tell you I am NOt computer savy, so it is taking me a lot longer than I had anticipated. Trying to get paypal to talk to my website is a lot harder than I thought. Why can't they just say Hello? Arghhhhh

Hopefully, it will be finished before Christmas and yes... I am almost finished the how to video on's a slow process... aussi!

Off to sew with my new splints...I look just like the bionic woman (the newer version I think)


Lissy said...

I loved Vence when I visited a few years ago and plan to go back one day...fabulous bags you are making :)

Tanya said...

thank you!