Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Happy Belated New Year!

Happy Belated New Year to All!

I have returned from Canada after a relaxing holiday with my family. It was a long flight back but I have returned back to France to get back into the swing of things.

Well what's new...

Some of my creations are being sold in Saya (in Antibes) and more info can be found on here and here . A great blog to read through with lots of great info and photos....thanks Maya!

More work for my website needs to be done, and I am also starting to work on some new items for my etsy shop, more bags, new and improved pencil crayon/marker/ crayon roll, bonbon bags, some more little pouches and other goodies (can't give away all my surprises). I will keep you posted!

Well that's all for now...but I will be back soon!


These are the Stamps of Our Lives said...

Very creative photo! Love it!

maya said...

Welcome back, Tanya! :-)
Yeah, I like the photo with its effect too. I'll see you soon...

Maybe we can start the Swap-O-rama activity here while we're both still around, what do you think? I've been thinking of that for months actually...a good agenda to meet, no?

See you soon,

linda lu said...

great pic. I like your blog.