Sunday, January 20, 2008

Just in Time for Valentine's Day

I bought this great linen heart fabric a while ago from Namolio and I was saving it for just Valentine's Day. So I made a couple of goodies. I really love the texture and the simplicity of the two fabrics together.

The candy sac comes with a bag of conversation hearts and when you are finished up all the candy you can use it for make-up, change or a gift bag for someone else. All available at my store
Happy Early Valentine's Day!!!


sónia said...

So lovely.

Maya said...

as one of your fans ;-P, i do love the simplicity of these two fabrics/colors too, Tanya...cute for the valentine's day for sure.

btw, the link to your shop gives to 404 error page...i think it's the html code for linking it isn't right. i just want to point out to you since i can't open like of your shop from this blog of yours from the beginning...hmmm!

keeping busy aren't u? nice work like always :-) talk with you next...ciao.

Lain said...

I personally don't like Valentine's Day(maybe because I'm single:/) But these things you made for The day are amazing! Toooo cute :) It actually makes me want to go and make something nice and cozy :)

Randi said...

I do love the two fabrics together. Lovely!

pia said...

beautiful work, well done! very impressive. do you happen to sell out of paris by chance?

Tanya said...

Nope! I am a little farther south. I sell out of Nice, France.

But would love to visit Paris soon.