Thursday, January 17, 2008

More Bon Bon Bags

Just finished another batch of Bon Bon Bags filled with lots of crafty goodies. In each little bag there are vintage finds from the brocante market here in Vence, France. Lots of goodies perfect for sewing, scrap booking or other crafty projects.

Here's a sneak peek...

All bags can be purchased from my store .


Pipany said...

Hi Tanya; I love these bags and it must be like Christmas to find all the goodies inside xx

Patricia Schaller said...

Tanya, I got my bag and I love it! It was so much fun taking each surprise from the bag. I want to buy more as gifts, but I couldn't pull up the store and they aren't on etsy anymore.

love your work!

Patricia Schaller

monica said...

I've just read this morning that Chagall had a studion in Vance... is it something which is still there? can you visit it?

I love Chagall. So magical.

Tanya said...

Hi Monica,

not sure about Chagall studio but I definitely know that Matisse had a studio here and lived here for quite some time. he also built a chapel here which is absolutely stunning- very simple all white except for these massive stain glass windows which on a perfect sunny day project these amazing images on the white walls of the chapel. If you ever have the opportunity to see it, definitely worth it...very beautiful!